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Wondering where you can get quality wall hung vanity units? Sanyc Bathroom invites you to check out the wide range of vanity products in different designs, patterns, sizes and colours. If you have a specific design in mind or are not sure which vanity will be the perfect fit for your bathroom, we will be happy to assist you. We stock hundreds of stylish and durable bathroom supplies that work with almost all types of bathroom decors.

So, if you are looking for a modern wall hung vanity in Melbourne, you should check out our premium quality vanity units that offer an impeccable combo of style and practicality. Every product is carefully chosen by our expert bathroom specialists backed with years of experience. We combine our product knowledge and resources to provide you with the latest and trendy bathroom vanities.

We are sure once you see our bathroom store, you won’t be able to find such a fine and unique collection elsewhere. From wall hung vanities to floor standing vanities, we have you covered.

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Do you need a wall hung vanity in Melbourne?

Choosing the right kind of vanity unit can make a lot of difference to your space. It all depends on the size and décor of your bathroom. The wall hung vanity units we offer can be directly installed on the wall. This means you will have enough space underneath and create a neater and sleeker look.

Our vanity units are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear. The detailed finishing and fine textures add a unique sense of space. If you are trying to create a focal point, then this is exactly what you need in your bathroom.

Advantages of wall hung vanities

Still not sure if a wall hung vanity is the right fit for you. Here are a few advantages of adding a wall hung vanity to your bathroom.

  • Space-saving

As the wall hung vanities are not fitted right to the floor, you can attach the vanity at a different height you prefer. This way you can save a lot of space and make your bathroom appear wider and more spacious.

  • Quick installation

A wall hung vanity requires less installation time and creates a contemporary chic look instantly. It also gives an illusion of space.

  • Storage spaces

The vanity offers storage space inside and beneath it. You can also utilise the space between the vanity and floor.

  • Easy to clean

The wall hung vanity units are way easier to clean as there is sufficient space underneath them. It is easy to keep the bathroom space clean.

At Sanyc Bathroom, you will find the highest quality bathroom wall hung vanity in Melbourne. We aim to provide durable products that last for years to come and give you the benefits you deserve.

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